2nd to None Svc – Training and Consulting Program Review

2nd-to-NoneBefore the Program

David: “Well, before the Program I was putting in a minimum of 14-16 hours a day for 6 or sometimes 7 days a week. It was chaos around here. I’m not going to say it was mass chaos but there was chaos. I was service writing, working on the floor, answering phones, making sales calls, I was doing everything.

Lynnetta: “Life before the Program was very, very stressful. We were constantly here at the shop from 8am to 11-12 at night. We had no time for our children and no time for ourselves. The stress level was very intense so it put stress on our personal lives and everyone at our business.

After the Program

David: “The biggest gain is that we are at the shop no more than 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. If I want to take off extra days, I can and things still run fine without us here. Basically we have a shop that’s producing 1 million dollars a year and we went from making a 3% to about a 20% profit. We see continued improvements every day. I would recommend the Management Success Program. The whole system has taught us how to break everything down and manage by statistics. It just gets easier every day. ”

Lynnetta: “Now the shop runs itself without us here. We don’t have to be the one-man-band with our hands in everything so we don’t have to worry about it and our stress level has significantly decreased. Everything just flows a lot easier now. We are no longer stressed and grumpy, we are much happier. It has just been so much better!

Training and Consulting Program


About managemntsuccess

Management Success! is the largest independent automotive shop owner training, automotive business management consulting and auto repair shop owner coaching company in the country. We do one thing exceptionally well: We increase the profits of auto shops.

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