Chilson’s Garage – Management Success Seminar Review

Chilsons-GarageBefore going to the seminar I was really stressed out! I couldn’t leave the shop for one hour without everything grinding to a halt! There was no game plan, no strategy, no system in place, no teamwork between employees and no organization! I had to borrow money each quarter to pay the taxes. I had high blood pressure and wanted to quit.

I was a real skeptic when I went to the seminar and I used to fight making changes. I was afraid they wouldn’t work. When I finally just started DOING what MS! taught me to do, the results were AMAZING! In two years our debts were almost all paid off and we have money in the bank. The very best thing is that I have a lot less stress.

Everyone does their job so well that I don’t need to be here. So, I do other things that I’ve always wanted to do. I tell people to just trust Management Success!, they have the exact answer to YOUR situation!

“How to Increase Your Profits” Seminar


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Management Success! is the largest independent automotive shop owner training, automotive business management consulting and auto repair shop owner coaching company in the country. We do one thing exceptionally well: We increase the profits of auto shops.

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