Turner’s Body Shop – Training and Consulting Program Review

TurnersResults from the Management Success! Program

“Before the program we didn’t have any financial issues like a lot of shops do. Our issues were scheduling, shop flow, how to promote the shop and how to retain customers. Eddie was continually being pulled off his owner’s job to check another tech’s work and fix everyone else’s problems. He was angry and bitter towards the shop and hated being there.

“I wanted to help Eddie get the shop operating well so that he wouldn’t have the stress he was experiencing.

“That’s when we decided to do the Management Success Training & Consulting Program. Now the shop runs much smoother and Eddie doesn’t have to be there. We have fixed all the things that we wanted to and more. For the first time we operate truly as a team, which has decreased the stress level immensely.

“We grossed $1,000,000 last year. Before the program, just going into it, our gross was $560,000. We also save 6% of our sales every week. It also taught us discipline which we use to forward our business and give us more free time, while the shop keeps expanding at a rapid pace.

“We are very happy with the Management Training & Consulting program and our employees are too.”

Training and Consulting Program


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