Quality Plus Automotive – Management Success Seminar Review

Quality“If I have to handle one more employee problem I’m going to take a stick of dynamite and blow this place up!”

This is the way I felt about my business a number of years ago. I was at the end of my rope. I hadn’t had a vacation in 13 years and I was working at least 70 hours a week, doing everything in the shop. My outlook on the business and life was bleak. I was ready to get out back then.

I then attended the weekend seminar given by Management Success! The speaker really knew shops and was very familiar with the day–to–day operations. He knew well all the problems and situations I had been running into with my business.

The information I got at the seminar was invaluable. I learned how to hire good employees, how to organize my shop and make it run without all the problems I’d been having. I also found out how to market to the right customers effectively. Since the seminar, I’ve been actually running my shop instead of just working in it. My customers get better service now, I’m more in control of what’s going on and the shop is making good money.

“How to Increase Your Profits” Seminar


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Management Success! is the largest independent automotive shop owner training, automotive business management consulting and auto repair shop owner coaching company in the country. We do one thing exceptionally well: We increase the profits of auto shops.

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