Roberts Automotive, Inc – Power Apprenticeship Review

RobertsThe Power Apprenticeship Course revealed a glaring hole in my organization, and that hole was missing policy, which was suppressing the ability of the organization to function smoothly and get everyone working as a team. It was a lot of work, but there is no way to become operational unless the owner is taking a critical look at his business, thinking about how to make it better, and getting it to mesh through policy. Before I took the course, I thought my business was running pretty well, but once into it, I realized there was so much stuff in my head that had never been memorialized in print. The course guided me through the process or writing good policy and by about half way through, I was committed to writing policy whenever I noticed it was needed. The funny thing is that writing one policy usually spawned an idea for another. It also taught me that if I couldn’t identify a purpose and a VFP, there was no need for a policy. I used to write policy whenever I got angry about something, but now I take a more clinical approach to it, realizing that employees don’t think the way I do and by and large they don’t intend to irritate me. They just lack understanding about the way the scene should look and how to get there. Now one could be a great orator and do a great job of communicating the scene. However, without policy made known to the group, you’ll have as many ways to get there as there are members of the group.  It is true that if you don’t write policy, people will invent their own. So the result is stagnation or collapse into chaos by well meaning folk. I see that now. My manager has the tools to run the organization without me and he is certain about how to achieve the goals. I have the time to look at the shop from 10,000 feet instead of being stuck in the details(which I truly detest). So, that gives me more time to analyze the operation and see where policy is missing. Now I know that whenever some problem is not solving, policy is missing or hasn’t been made known.

I also have the time to pursue other interests, like buying a new shop or more real estate, or taking more time off. What I learned in the Power Course applies to these other ventures as well, and that was one of the reasons I decided to do it. I’m glad I did. A guy named David Sandler once said that when somebody tells you they have 20 years experience at something, often they only have one year’s experience 20 times. That was me before the course. Thanks for giving me the tools to develop real assets that pay me whether I’m asleep or on vacation.


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