A & H Transmission & Auto Repair – Management Success! Seminar Review

A-HJanice and I have owned a shop in Michigan for 32 years. Our shop had always provided a good living for us. In return, I must say we also worked very hard to sustain the shop. We came to realize we were working for the shop and we were working harder all the time. I became frustrated that I did not know how to take my shop to the next level. I wanted to make the shop run better and remain profitable without increasing my hours.

Both of us worked a lot of hours already and dealt with a lot of stress. I thought that’s what it takes to run a small business. I WAS WRONG. Janice convinced me to take a seminar by Management Success! We now understand that we have to run the business, not let the business run us and we’ve learned how!

It’s much more enjoyable to come to work and know how to run things. Now I know how to deal with the problems and how to fix them when one rises up, which is a lot less these days. I actually like going to my shop now and look forward to the future.

Going to the seminar was one of the best things I’ve ever done!

“How to Increase Your Profits” Seminar


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Management Success! is the largest independent automotive shop owner training, automotive business management consulting and auto repair shop owner coaching company in the country. We do one thing exceptionally well: We increase the profits of auto shops.

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