Ultimate Truck Svc – Debbie Jennerjohn’s Management Success! review

ultimate_truckWhen my husband and I started our business 15 years ago, I was still working in Corporate America, 65+ hours a week, traveling all over the United States and Canada. The time that I was home, I would spend at the shop catching up on paperwork and billing. My husband did some of the basic billings but he saved the more complicated ones for me. That meant the billings were very delayed, which meant money was more delayed. This lasted for a couple of years and then there was a down turn in the Truck Production Industry where I worked, so I volunteered for a layoff, and focused on our own business.

For the next 8 years we muddled through our business, knowing that if we had money in the check book we were doing good, and if we didn’t, well we just needed to work longer and harder to make it happen. After the 1st year in business we grossed $316,045 in sales, after 5 years in business $662,484 in gross sales, but in 2009 we only grossed $544,370. At the end of ’09 we were contacted by Management Success and we convinced that we needed to go to this seminar. We were tired of trying to make things work. My husband used to tell customers that for the price of a Coke they could buy the business. I remember telling my husband that if we went to this seminar he had to promise me that he would go and listen with open ears. He promised, we went, and he listened. Needless to say, we signed up for the program and did some of the things that they wanted us to do. Our business got better, that year we grossed $702,873 in Sales, we went to classes and learned more and implemented more, and our sales went up again. The next year we grossed $831,138 in sales, and again we went for more classes and implemented more and our sales went up again, with our sales grossing $976,805 for 2012. Again we went to more classes and implemented more, and our sales went up again grossing $1,207,649 for 2013.

That sounds impressive, right; well that is only part of the story. My husband had always been a tech and his management skills were nonexistent. The evolution of his management skills has been amazing to watch. He still shocks me how he handles situations now. At the same time that he was evolving, so were my business skills. I look back now and wonder how we ever stayed in business and how many business decisions that we made which actually backfired on us.

Being in a male dominated world I could have had a tough time fitting in, but I fit in because I was expected to by myself and my husband. And he gave me the respect that was deserving of my efforts. I came to work, I learned everything I could, and I enjoyed working with the customers. At first there were some rough customers, who liked to use a lot of foul language, however, the more I was among them, the less they swore! It is all about how you handle yourself, and how much you respect yourself. Those two attributes will carry you a long way in your success. As I look back on where we were in the beginning and where we are now, it just amazes me the progress we have made. Do we have more to do, you bet. It is an evolving world that we live and work in and if you don’t change you will get left behind.


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