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Randy-BunnResults from the Management Success! Program

“Before doing the Management Success program, I worked 13 years without a single day off. I was a prisoner in my own business. Without me here there was NO business. I couldn’t leave for a minute without worrying what might go wrong. I worked all the time and had zero money. I could barely pay my bills before I got on the program! Everything was chaotic. I was working at least 70 hours a week and doing everything in the shop. I was at the end of my rope and about to close my shop. My outlook on the business and life was bleak at best.

“Since doing the program, we’ve about doubled the amount of business we can handle with the same number of techs. Now I have employees that are well trained on the system I learned from Management Success and I can come and go when I want without worrying about anything to do with the shop! The shop runs like a clock now – like a finely tuned machine.

“Not only did I make back every cent I spent on the program, I’ve got money in the bank. I have freedom!!! Now I take off when I want to and I do the things I never had the freedom to do before. I’m able to do the things I’ve always wanted to do for my family, friends and myself! Thanks to the Management Success program, not only do I have a life, but I’m in control of it. I’m a different person. I have the freedom I was always dreaming about. I can decide to take a couple of days off, or more, and just go to the beach, knowing the shop will survive.”

Randy Bunn
Quality Plus Automotive
Raleigh, NC


About managemntsuccess

Management Success! is the largest independent automotive shop owner training, automotive business management consulting and auto repair shop owner coaching company in the country. We do one thing exceptionally well: We increase the profits of auto shops.

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