Chicago Controlling the Front Workshop Success Stories

Over 50 students from general repair, collision and truck shops from around the country, and as far away as Bermuda  attended the Management Success Controlling the Front Workshop in Chicago on July 25-27, 2014.  Here is a sampling of what they had to say:

“This class was great for figuring out workflow, and making sure that processes and polices are in place in order to have a very effective shop.  This will ensure that customers are handled efficiently, correctly and confidently, and that the shop will be efficient and profitable with everyone knowing what is expected of them.  Implementing the information from this workshop will make a huge difference in our productivity.”  A. Pinkelman—Pinkelman Truck and Trailer, Inc.

“Previous to this class I had ‘ideas’ about how to proceed with making the proper adjustments to boost efficiency and productivity.  Now I have a solid plan, and away to implement them properly.  I have a new understanding of how customer control and workflow operate, and I am very glad to have taken this course.”  N. Venis—Quality Auto Mart & Service.

“Well I have to tell you, I came to this class with 40+ years of experience thinking, ‘What could I possibly learn?’  I ended up finding the class and all of the information provided to be very informative, and believe it will be quite useful. I think that we have tried some of this but just haven’t really pushed it or fully implemented it.  I know that returning to our shop and fully implementing these ideas and procedures will help us a lot, and that’s my plan.  Thank you!”  M. Marshall—Equipment Experts

“This workshop gave me a lot better grasp on how to improve on the efficiency of the front counter.  It gave me better understanding of how to improve our customer service not only from the material covered but from talking with other shop owners and their staff.  Another big area that was helpful was how to deal with people using the tools I learned.  This class was well worth the trip!  J. Schroeder—Schroeder’s Automotive


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