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Auto Specialists, Inc. Website Review

auto_specialists_websiteI’m writing this story because I had what I felt was a pretty good website, built by my son, doing its job informing web savvy customers of our story along with some pertinent information. The site we had was sufficient, I felt, with enough keywords to draw some hits off of the visitors.

After considerable deliberation on my part, I pulled the trigger and let MS design and build a new site for us. My old site was fairly successful with about 45 – 50 hits a week and after going live with the new site, we were at 75 hits per week, obtaining approximately 5-7 new customers a week. Our phone also started ringing more with questions like ” We see you guys are Audi Specialists”, something that we had never heard before. When asked how they found us, they usually say on the web. I was very skeptical about the sites that I had viewed that were built by MS, because I felt that they were too content heavy with useless additional pages, just to justify their price. I was wrong, the content these guys put in your site works, people gravitate to a shop that has a professional site and projects itself that way. They will get you the leads that you want and based on your business and site, they will monitor and adjust your site to your satisfaction!

We receive 2-3 calls per week from other website companies wanting to build us a site.   Management Success knows what they’re doing.   Have them build you one and never look back. Oh by the way, be prepared to handle the new business that will be coming your way, because it will be coming!!

Check out our site @ or give me a call and I’ll discuss the process or give you some more info on how this has worked for us.

Ron Andersen, President
Auto Specialists, Inc.
Omaha, Ne.  (402) 677-2562