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Eureka Brake & Automotive – Public Relations Workshop Review

The Public Relations Workshop is great!  Jim Smith did an excellent job of delivering the material and giving examples to drive home the key points. I now have the tools to make the current events that we do more successful and receive more recognition in the public’s eye for our good works. We do so much for the community that is unknown to the public. I used to fill that this is humble and that we do good works because we want to not because we want to brag. I now understand that it’s imperative for a successful business to have some feathers in their cap.

Lacee Cunningham
Eureka Brake & Automotive
Eureka, CA


Affordable Automotive – Public Relations Workshop Review

Affordable-AutomotiveResults from the Management Success! Workshop

Public Relations is a topic that I didn’t fully understand prior to this workshop. I didn’t realize what impact, positive or negative, it has on my business. I will come away from this workshop with the knowledge and tools necessary to use PR to make my business grow. I found that surveys will be critical to direct the PR needed for my shop. Thank you for clearing up the mysteries of PR.

Public Relations Workshop

Quality Plus Automotive – Public Relations Workshop Review

QualityResults from the Management Success! Workshop

Finally I understand what PR is and how it works. This is a must for any shop owner like me who has done a lot of PR but didn’t realize what I was doing. I also realize that I didn’t take advantage of the goodwill that has been going on in my shop for the last 27 years. Thanks to MS for helping me.

Public Relations Workshop