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Mark Probst’s Management Success! Story

probstautobodyJust got back from my 12 day vacation from the wonderful sunny California.  It was a great family experience, although Disneyland is exhausting.

I have to say this on behalf of Management Success:

I took one phone call the first day I left concerning outside sales and marketing for a hail storm that happened an hour north of us. After that phone call I never had one call from my staff, not one and I never called them.  I logged in to my computer twice during that period. Once each weekend and that was to transfer money to the different accounts that I have set up.  So today is my first day back and I expected a pile of questions and a desk full of stuff for me.  All I had was a stack of mail on my desk which is normal for me to go through, one request for mileage reimbursement and one question about a supplement that I had started. I spoke with everyone this morning when I got here and there was no issues that got brought up.  Not to mention they produced very well while I was gone.  This only happened because of Management Success and what they’ve done for me.  It’s easy to forget where I was 5 years ago, but 5 years ago I could hardly leave for a couple of days and if I did that included phone calls and emails while I was gone.  You guys have helped change my life.

I just want to say thanks to all of you that have helped me get from where I was then to where I am today.  Although now our contact isn’t as frequent as it used to be, I still very much appreciate all of you who have helped me (even Ron).  Dino and Kareem this goes for you guys as well.

Mark Probst
Probst Auto Body Inc.
Dieterich, IL


Quality Plus Automotive – Management Success! Program

Randy-BunnResults from the Management Success! Program

“Before doing the Management Success program, I worked 13 years without a single day off. I was a prisoner in my own business. Without me here there was NO business. I couldn’t leave for a minute without worrying what might go wrong. I worked all the time and had zero money. I could barely pay my bills before I got on the program! Everything was chaotic. I was working at least 70 hours a week and doing everything in the shop. I was at the end of my rope and about to close my shop. My outlook on the business and life was bleak at best.

“Since doing the program, we’ve about doubled the amount of business we can handle with the same number of techs. Now I have employees that are well trained on the system I learned from Management Success and I can come and go when I want without worrying about anything to do with the shop! The shop runs like a clock now – like a finely tuned machine.

“Not only did I make back every cent I spent on the program, I’ve got money in the bank. I have freedom!!! Now I take off when I want to and I do the things I never had the freedom to do before. I’m able to do the things I’ve always wanted to do for my family, friends and myself! Thanks to the Management Success program, not only do I have a life, but I’m in control of it. I’m a different person. I have the freedom I was always dreaming about. I can decide to take a couple of days off, or more, and just go to the beach, knowing the shop will survive.”

Randy Bunn
Quality Plus Automotive
Raleigh, NC

A & M Automotive – Training and Consulting Program Review

A-MResults on the Management Success! Program

“I remember the Seminar I attended. I was listening other shop owners talk about having money in savings. I was wondering ‘How can anyone have that much put away?’

Now, after the Management Success Program I get to answer the question with YES: I HAVE MONEY in savings set aside just for emergencies, which is pretty incredible!

While doing this program I realized I had to do just what my consultant was telling me to do and it worked. Since I did Management Success’s Program the shop flow is smooth and productive, a lot less kinks in the system. Everything in my shop flows the way it is suppose to.

My communication skills are definitely much better. I have a lot more free time that I have occupied with other things. I do not have to be there to baby-sit. I am not getting phone calls and I do not have to make phone calls, everything is handled by the personnel. I do not have to put out any fire. I can relax when I am away from the shop and I am not stressing.”

Training and Consulting Program

Knockout Collision – Training and Consulting Program Review

Knockout-CollisionResults on the Management Success! Program

“Before the Management Success Program I used to work really long, hard hours. I was frustrated all the time. The work my shop did was very high quality. I had built a reputation and had customers coming in but my profit margin was not where it needed to be for me to feel really successful.

“After the Program I was able to manage the business more effectively. I made more profit on each job, wasted less money and didn’t have to work as hard. There were lots of little things that I learned but the biggest was learning how to track our performance and make decisions based on statistics instead of apparent production; you know ‘busyness.’ Learning how to manage our shop using statistics got results!”

Training and Consulting Program

Auto Lab of Canton South – Training and Consulting Program Review

Auto-LabResults from the Management Success! Program

“AS A GUY WHO MANAGED A CHEMICAL PLANT, I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT MADE SENSE IN THIS INDUSTRY or what the margins should be. As a member of a franchise, I thought they would have told me. But the information they provided was not enough. That’s where The Training and Consulting Program by Management Success came in to help me.

“NOW OUR SHOP IS DOING WELL OUR SALES ARE RIGHT AROUND $70,000 A MONTH! We went to the seminar one and a half years ago and for the first five months of this year we were up 22% over the same period last year.

“We are a franchise and I get lots of numbers from Auto Lab on our performance relative to other shops. The corporate executives showed some of their investors my shop because it is one of the fastest-growing shops they’ve ever had in the history of the company and there are 45 locations. We owe a lot of this to Management Success!”

Training and Consulting Program

Williams Automotive & Transmission Repair – Training and Consulting Program Review

WilliamsResults from the Management Success! Program

“We were in rough shape before we did the Management Success! Program. We were working very hard and were at the shop all the time. We usually weren’t even able to pay ourselves. We managed to pay the employees but it was hard to see them get paid when we didn’t. At the same time some of them treated us pretty badly. We had a lot of headaches, to say the least.

“We admitted to ourselves that we were getting nowhere, so we went to the Management Success! Seminar, started on the program and never looked back. On the program, they taught us how to charge correctly for our work and stop giving it away. We learned how to manage the shop and our employees. We now know how to track our numbers and our finances and we’re in control of our business. We’re no longer working ourselves to death and we have a lot more free time.

“A whole lot of our headaches are gone. These days, we pay ourselves each and every week, and also have reserves and a building fund for the future. We really had to scrimp and scrape from every possible source of credit that we could find to pay for the program, but every penny has been worth it many times over.”

Training and Consulting Program

Probst Auto Body – Training and Consulting Program Review

ProbstResults from the Management Success! Program

“I am 34 years old, I got started early and wanted to do good, succeed and retire. But I had no clue as to how to go about that. I had no idea of where I was going or how to implement anything. I had no vision or set goals. I didn’t know if I was doing well or not. At nights I wouldn’t sleep, I constantly, always thought about the shop.

“At first I didn’t want to turn over my technician side of it. I liked working on cars and I really excelled at it. But now I really don’t care about that − I just want to be a good owner. The thing I feel is important for me is to improve my owner management skills.

“I have a family with 3 kids and I’m now spending more time with them. I can leave the shop for a week and not worry about it. Things are under control and when I come back they didn’t even miss me. Now I have a plan in place to turn it over.

“Doing the Management Success Training and Consulting Program is like having your own personal coach − any professional athlete has a coach. His coach watches him, and they can lead him and make him better and better. That’s what I tell people about Management Success. Can you do it by yourself? Maybe. But when you’ve got outside eyes looking in, you can only improve. You can’t go backwards with the Training and Consulting Program on your side. It can only get better.”

Training and Consulting Program

Meyers Automotive Service – Training and Consulting Program Review

MeyersResults from the Management Success! Program

“Before the program I was working 70 hours a week and not knowing whether we were making any money, or not. I used to gauge things by how tired I was—if I was tired I thought it must have been a busy week and that we’d made some money. I found out that wasn’t always the case.

“I did the Management Success program back in the 90’s and did very well. I then sold the shop for cash. The new owners had the shop for 4 years and couldn’t make a “go” of it, so I took the shop back. It took only 2 months to move the shop from nothing to back up to full production. I have a lot more time now—last year I was able to take about 3 months off.

“Working with Management Success has given me financial freedom and a life outside of the shop. I would tell another shop owner that they need to beg or borrow the money to do the program. If you still love this business you need to do the program so your business can reach its full potential.”

Training and Consulting Program

Stamps Auto – Training and Consulting Program Review

StampsResults from the Management Success! Program

“BEFORE THE MANAGEMENT SUCCESS PROGRAM, MY SHOP WAS RUNNING VERY POORLY. In fact, it was in complete chaos. I was doing all of the work—and I had two technicians! There were misdiagnoses and cars were not being done on time. I was working 24/7, never had time for myself and wasn’t able to spend time with my wife and two young children. It was a complete headache and I even thought about closing the shop.

The biggest gain I got immediately on the program was when I hired a service writer and was able to step out of the office. Suddenly, it was a whole new ball game. My average repair orders shot up and gross sales started to grow. Our income tripled, almost quadrupled! And that was practically instantaneous. Our average sales went from $30K to $85K per month! I now have a successful business and a personal life.”

Training and Consulting Program

Center Collision – Training and Consulting Program Review

Center-CollisionResults from the Management Success! Program

“Before the program I was unorganized with no accountability as I did not have any clear cut expectations from my business. That’s been a big thing. I was overwhelmed. There were so many things I had to do to get this business going. Without any kind of an outline or goal in sight I felt like I was wandering aimlessly.

“I got the mailer and I read through it. I realized the things it suggested on there, like how many hours/week are you working? Do you take vacations? Is the business running you? Do you have questions about employees and production? Every single thing I read I’m thinking, I’m totally getting an ‘F’ here. I realized that I needed some assistance. I was a decent enough tech, could keep myself busy doing that and I really didn’t know beans about a business. That’s where my real weakness was. If I had money in my account – things are good, if I didn’t – things weren’t good. Where did the money come from? What percentage did I get to keep? I had no idea.

“The biggest gain is we’ve become an organized shop and we understand what the real goals are in running a business. We have a direction where we’re headed. I never thought I could get to the level where I didn’t have to work in the shop anymore. I didn’t have any idea. But they told me how to do it and I was able to do it. It just seemed natural. I’ve got a whole new life. I can actually make money now without being present all the time.”

Training and Consulting Program