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Anderson Automotive – Management Success Review


Nancy Knight’s Convention Success Story

KNIGHT'S-AUTOMOTIVEWow! As usual I have come away with a whole new list of things to do. My battle plan now includes a whole set of new marketing actions or should I say revised marketing actions. Thank you for clarifying the need for “Branding” our shop using color consistency in emails, website and print mail. And of course creating a familiarity with our shops services across all marketing media. Well done Wes! I thoroughly enjoyed this. I am excited to see that Management Success has moved forward with e-marketing classes.

Nancy Knight
Knight’s Automotive

Knight’s Automotive Repair – Advanced Marketing Apprenticeship Review

Knights-AutomotiveWe were able to grow our active customer base from less than 400 to over 5,000. We did this by promoting to new customers and by keeping in contact with our existing customers so they come back to us.

We also do follow up calls, recommended repairs reminders, service due reminders, etc.

I went to college for four years and studied marketing and I have to say that I learned so much more in this one class than I learned earning my college degree. Management Success! actually gets you to master the different tools of marketing, it’s hands on.

You implement it and you get real experience so you know how to market. It’s concrete.

Simply, using what I learned from the Advanced Marketing Program gives me better results than anything I ever learned in college.

Advanced Marketing Apprenticeship